Kalupur Bank Scholarship

To promote and encourage meritorious son/daughter of the shareholder, the Bank has launched the “The Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank Scholarship Scheme”.

The shareholder has to submit following documents of the son/daughter and submit the same with prescribed form.

  • Copy of the mark sheet duly certified by the Principal.
  • Certificate of the Principal that the exam has been cleared at first attempt.
  • Copy of the shareholder’s identity card.

In the year 2012-13, 262 students from shareholder and employees were granted scholarship to the tune of 7,59,762.

The important features of the scheme are as under.

  1. The students from std 10 and 12 and all disciplines approved by University, Central and State Government, Central Government approved Boards etc are eligible. The student has to pass Degree examination.
  2. The shareholder should be a registered shareholder as of 31st March of the preceding year.
  3. If both the mother and father of the student are shareholder of the Bank, only one of them can apply for scholarship of the Bank.
  4. The shareholder has to apply for scholarship of their son/daughter in a prescribed form of the Bank.
  5. The application for scholarship should be submitted to the Bank within three months from declaration of the result of the exam.
  6. The decision of the Board of Directors in regard to the grant of scholarship will be binding to the shareholder and it will be final.
  7. The Board of Directors are empowered to change the scheme of scholarship as and when needed.
Sr. No. Degree Minimum % Amount of Scholarship
1. Std 10 70 % Rs.1501.00
2. Std 12 and PTC 70 % Rs.3001.00
3. Graduation - General 65 % Rs. 3501.00
3A. Graduation - Professional Degrees-MBBS/BSAM/ BE/ B. Pharm etc 65 % Rs.4001.00
4. Post Graduation (M.Com. , M.Sc. , M.A) 65 % Rs.4001.00
5. Post Graduation - Professional Degrees (MBA, MCA, M. Tech, MD, MS, CA, ICWA, CS, CFA, M.Phil) 65 % Rs.4501.00
6. Degree from approved institutions (P.H.D, Research Qualification etc., Degrees)   Rs.5001.00


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