Vyapar Mitra

Small traders and businessmen provide yeoman service to the community. They are honest and hard working and not so educated community with low financial means who need to be supported by banks.

Bank has recognized their potential. They are trusted and trustworthy people.
Bank has devised a hassle free scheme to extend credit facilities to them.
The details of the scheme are as under.

Purpose  Small traders/ businessmen

Limit Amount

 Maximum cash credit of Rs.50 lacs or 60% of valuation of Property or 30%of projected sales   looking to last two year growth whichever lower
Margin  40% of valuation of mortgage property
Repayment Period  Renew of limit every year
Rate of interest  10.50% P.A at monthly rest (Subject to change at the discretion of Bank) (not eligible for credit rating rebate)
Processing fee click to view processing charge.
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 1.00% of the loan amount sanctioned ( Max. 200000/- )

Guarantee  Guarantor possessing own property and also Income tax-payer
Security  Mortgage of office/Resident – immovable property

The Kalupur Bank has introduced new secured loan facility upto Rs. 50.00 lacs under Vyapar Mitra Yojana as on 03-JAN-2019. Maximum tenure for the said loan will be 84 months. This loan can be offered to small businessman for purchase of shop/ office etc. for runnig the business's subject to 40% margin.

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