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What should be done if the card is lost / stolen?

The customer can choose to block their Kalupur Bank ATM card through SMS, by following the below mentioned procedure: Type BLOCK XXXX (last 4 digits of their card No.) and send the SMS to 9028048500 from their registered Mobile No. OR The customer may contact the card issuing branch immediately on noticing the loss so

How to Close a Saving account ?

The account holder must give in writing his/her intention to close the account should be signed by all the account holders. When an account holder wishes to close his/her account, he/she must present his/her pass book/statement of account/identity card/Debit Card if any. The unused cheque forms, if any, in the possession of the depositor should

How Interest paid for Saving accounts ?

Interest will be paid at rates specified by RBI from time to time, at half yearly intervals in March & September each year. The interest will be allowed on daily balance basis.

How to open a Savings Bank Account?

Application to open an account must be made in Bank’s prescribed account opening form. It should be made, in person, in the presence of Bank’s authorized officer and the applicant must fill in all the columns of the application form. Each applicant will be required to sign a declaration to the effect that he has