Processing Fees

Revised Processing Fees Schedule

No. Processing charges Charges for Working capital = Total FB + NFB) Charges for Term Loan ( Not Applicable to Retail Loan Products )
1 Up to Rs 5.00 lacs Nil Nil
2 Rs 5.01 lacs to Rs 10.00 lacs Rs 1500/ Rs 1500/-
3 Rs 10.01 lacs to Rs 25.00 lacs Rs 3500/- Rs 3500/-
4 Rs 25.01 lacs to Rs 100.00 lacs 0.15% of limit 0.30% of limit / o/s
5 Rs 100.01 lacs to Rs 500.00 lacs 0.20% of limit 0.45% of limit / o/s
6 Above Rs 500.01 lacs 0.25% of loan amount 0.50% of limit / o/s
  Maximum Rs 6.00 lacs Rs 8.00 lacs

Subject to following notes
1. No - Proressing Charges will be levied on FDOD limit and Education Loan. Applicalble Processing Charges for Retail Loans like Home Loan, Car Loan, etc. are as per respective scheme guidelines and instructions issued time Lo time.
2. No Processing Charges for Loan against Government Securities / Derivatives and Loan upto 5.00 lakhs.
3. For Bill Discounting under LC ( Domestic / Foreign ) limit, Branch to recover Processing Charges of INR 5,000/- for every INR 10 crores or part thereof with minimum of INR 5,000/-.
4. For Adhoc limit, Processinq Charges io be recovered @ 0.20% of the sanctioned limit on prorata basis, with minimum of INR 2500/-
5. Processing Charges for LAP - Term Loan & Overdraft is 0.50% of limit sanctioned
6. In case of takeover of account from other Bank 50% of applicable processing to be charged till further instructions.
7. Branch to recover upfront 50% of total applicable processing Charges on receiving the fresh application. Remaining 50% Processing Charges be recovered on acceptance of sanction. Recovered 50% processing Charges shall not be refunded except rejection/non sanction of the application.
8. In case of reneWal of Working Capital (FB & NBF) limits, 50% of the above Processing Charges to be recovered.
9. In case of review of Term Loan, 10% of Card Rate of processiog Charges be levied on outstanding Term Loan reviewed.
10. For deciding slab of Processing Charges for WOrking Capital Facilities, Reviewed and Sanctioned total Working Capital Limits i.e exisiing & increase to be considered. If the Borrower is enjoying CC/ LC /BG limits of INR 400 lakhs which are reviewed and sanctioned incrcase in CC / LC/ BG limits of INR 150 lakhs, for both existlng (renewal) and lncreased limlt, processinq Charge slab of,Above INR 500 lakhs to be applied and accordingly processrng Charqes io be recovered.
11. Similarly for deciding slab of processing Charge for Telrm Loan, Reviewed & Sanctioned total Term Loan Limits i.e existing (review) & new Term Loan to be considered. If the borrower is enjoying outstanding of Term Loans of INR 400 lakhs which are reviewed and sanctioned new Term Loan of INR 150 lakhs, for both review of existing Term Loan and new Term Loan, processlng Charge slab of "Above INR 500 lakhs" to be applied and accordingly processing Charges to be recovered.

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