Processing Fees

Revised Processing Fees Schedule

No. Processing charges Charges for Working capital = Total FB + NFB) Charges for Term Loan ( Not Applicable to Retail Loan Products )
1 Up to Rs 5.00 lacs Nil Nil
2 Rs 5.01 lacs to Rs 10.00 lacs Rs 1000/ Rs 1000/-
3 Rs 10.01 lacs to Rs 25.00 lacs Rs 2500/- Rs 2500/-
4 Rs 25.01 lacs to Rs 100.00 lacs 0.10% of loan amount 0.25% of loan amount
5 Rs 100.01 lacs to Rs 500.00 lacs 0.15% of loan amount 0.35% of loan amount
6 Above Rs 500.01 lacs 0.20% of loan amount 0.40% of loan amount
  Maximum Rs 6.00 lacs
Renewal charges half of the above
Rs 6.00 lacs Total capital Rs 6.00 lacs for both WC+TL

Subject to following notes
1. No processing fee be levied on FDOD limit and LC discounting limit
2. For adhoc limit 0.15% of sanctioned limit or minimum Rs 1000/- + GST be levied on proportionate to the period
3. In case of renewal of cash credit limit 50% of above charge be levied
4. Processing fee should not be refunded even if the applicant does not avail the disbursement subsequently
5. Processing fee be refunded in case of rejection/non sanction of application
6. GST charge be levied in addition to above processing charge as prescribed by GOI from time to time

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