Processing Fees

Revised Processing Fees Schedule ( With effect from 30-10-2015) 

Sr. No. Processing charges Existing charges Proposed charges (WC = Total FB + NFB) Not Applicable to Retail Loan Products Term Loan
(A) Processing charges      
1 Up to Rs 5.00 lacs Nil Nil Nil
2 Rs 5.01 lacs to Rs 10.00 lacs Rs 1000/- No change No change
3 Rs 10.01 lacs to Rs 25.00 lacs Rs 2500/- No change No change
4 Rs 25.01 lacs to Rs 100.00 lacs 0.075% of loan amount 0.10% of loan amount 0.25% of loan amount
5 Rs 100.01 lacs to Rs 500.00 lacs 0.10% of loan amount 0.15% of loan amount 0.35% of loan amount
6 Above Rs 500.01 lacs 0.15% of loan amount 0.20% of loan amount 0.40% of loan amount
  Maximum Rs 4.00 lacs Rs 6.00 lacs
Renewal charges half of the above
Rs 6.00 lacs
Total capital Rs 6.00 lacs for both WC+TL
  Subject to following notes
  1. Revised processing fee be will be levied on applications received on or after 02.11.2015
  2. No processing fee be levied on FDOD limit and LC discounting limit and education loan
  3. Branch to collect upfront 50% of total processing fee on receiving applicaton
  4. Remaining 50% fee be livied on sanctioned and first disbursement of advances
  5. For adhoc limit 0.15% of sanctioned limit or minimum Rs 1000/- +S.Tax be levied on proportionate to the period
  6. In case of renewal of cash credit limit 50% of above charge be levied
  7. Processing fee should not be refunded even if the applicant does not avail the disbursement subsequently
  8. Processwing fee be refunded in case of rejection/non sanction of application
  9. Service charge be levied in addition to above processing charge as prescribed by GOI from time to time
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