Privilege Savings Account

  • QAB of Rs. 20,000/-
  • Non maintenance of QAB shall attract penalty of Rs. 50/- per quarter.
  • Daily Cash Deposite Limit - Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • Aggregate Monthly Cash Deposite Limit - Rs. 4,00,000/-
  • When Cash Deposite exceeds above mentioned limits, Rs. 10+ GST. per packet(i.e. 100 notes) charge will be levied.(more than or equal to 50 notes is consider as full packet )
  • free cheque book facility
  • free RTGS/NEFT
  • no outward cheque return charge
  • no AMC for one year relating to new demat accounts opened by holders. For existing demat holders, they will be eligible to get 25% concession in AMC of demat.
  • 25% concession in processing charges relating to retail loans availed by account holder.
  • Sweep In /out facility in the multiple of Rs. 10,000/- (deposit may be made for 120 days at the rate of interest applicable from time to time).
  • Personal accident insurance coverage of 3 lacs.
  • Free  mobile banking,Free Internet banking free sms for all the transactions & free email statement available .
  • No MICR/CTS charges
  • The cheque book will be of decorative nature and on the left hand side of the cheque, the words ‘Privilege  Customer’ will be printed.
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