For Printing Press Industry

Applicability All existing as well as new units belonging to printing press industry will be eligible for this cluster based scheme for Printing press industry.
Type of Facility Cash Credit (Stock/Book Debts),
Secured Loan,
Machinery Loan (New as well as Second hand)
Margin Cash Credit : 30% on stock and 40% on book debts (upto 90 days)

Secured Loan : 40% against immovable property

Machinery Loan :
  • For purchase of New machinery – 25% ( When subsidy is available), otherwise 30%.
  • For purchase of Second hand imported machinery, bank will consider loan amount considering 40% margin of valuation or 30% of invoice value depending on case to case basis.
Interest Rate For Cash Credit (Stock/Book Debts), Machinery loan and Secured loan, interest rates will be as under:

(a) 9.75% p.a. for customers fulfilling following conditions:
  • 100% or more collateral security coverage
  • Satisfactory track record with us or other FIs.
  • Profit making unit for last 3 years. (Cash profit)
  • Promoters contribution is 30% or above
(b) 10.00% p.a. subject to condition that collateral security coverage should 75% or more but less than 100% and all other 3 conditions are fulfilled.

(c) When collateral security coverage is less than 75%, our regular interest rates as applicable to SSI units will be applicable.
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