The Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank is the only Bank in Ahmedabad City with a Dealing Room for Forex operations.

  1. The Bank which was opened in a small area of 250 sq.ft. in the year 1970 has now 33 premises of its own which are ultramodern and spacious.
  2. The Bank started paying 12 % dividend from the year 1978.
  3. In the year 1975, the Bank got Direct membership in the clearing house.
  4. Because of effective administration, the Bank was honored to work as “Administrator” of a weak co-operative Bank named as “VIKRAM CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD” in the year 1983.
  5. In 1986, the Bank started frenchies from it’s own Head Office Building which was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Shri V.P. Singh.
  6. In the year 1988-89, the Bank was permitted to accept “NRI Deposits
  7. In the year 1992, the Bank started “Computer Division” in the Bank. This was the first step towards making the Bank as Techno Savvy Bank.
  8. In the year 1993-94. The Bank achieved top position amongst all co-operative Banks in Gujarat in terms of Business.
    The Bank has maintained its number ‘ONE’ rank till now.
  9. In 1995, the Bank was permitted to work as “Banker to the issue”. This was a noteworthy achievement. The Bank successfully handled three issues in one month.
  10. In the year 1995, the Bank got the status of Multi State Scheduled Bank.
    It was a unique honour. The Bank opened a branch in Mumbai.
  11. In the year 1999, the Bank started “Demat Department”. At that time, the Bank was the first co-operative Bank in the city of Ahmedabad to start Demat Dept and function as Depository Participant (D.P.) of National Securities Depositories Ltd. (NSDL)
  12. In the year 2003-04, The Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank was authorized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to collect property tax and Vehicle Tax.
  13. The Bank has been permitted to work as “Authorized Stamp Vendor” by the Government of Gujarat. 33 branches of the Bank are providing this services.
  14. The Bank has entered into the business of General Insurance as “Referred Agency” with Bajaj Allianz Co.
  15. In the year 2005 the RBI permitted the Bank to start “Real Time Gross Settlement” (RTGS) services, Now the Bank is linked to 78000 bank branches of the country for fund transfer. The Bank gives RTGS / NEFT / NECS and speed clearing services.
    The Bank was the first co-operative Bank in the state of Gujarat to be on RTGS platform.
  16. The Bank is a member of CCIL (Clearing Corporation of India Ltd ) which gives the Bank an access to various dealing platforms for dealing in Government Securities, Call Money and conducting collateralized Borrowing and Lending Obligation (CBLO)
  17. The Bank is the first and only co-operative Bank amongst scheduled, District and State Co-operative Banks in Gujarat to get license as an Authorized Dealer category – 1, to deal in Forex, from RBI in 2007.
  18. The Bank has installed – 53 on site and 5 off-site ATMs.
  19. The Bank provides SMS Banking facilities.
  20. The Bank has implemented “CBS” in all branches.
  21. The Bank has implemented Currency Chest at Head Office in year 2018.
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