Foreign Exchange Business

The Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank is an Authorized Dealer in Foreign Exchange and offers all types of Foreign Exchange Services. Bank is having fully functional integrated treasury well equipped with state of art technology at Ahmedabad. Bank is having it’s Nostro Accounts with Wells Fargo Bank, Commerz Bank, Westpack Banking Corporation. Further Bank has established correspondent relationship with more than 45 banks all over the world.

Foreign Exchange Services offered by the Bank includes –

  1. Buy & Sale of Foreign currency notes.
  2. All types of clean outward remittances such as remittances for higher studies, medical treatment abroad, business trips, tourism,employment / immigration, gifts, donations and remittances under Liberalized Remittance Scheme etc.
  3. Import services such as outward remittances for import purposes, handling of import documents, establishment of Foreign Letter of Credit, issuance of Foreign Bank Guarantee, Buyers Credit, etc.
  4. All types of clean inward remittances such as remittance for family maintenance, gift, donation, etc.
  5. Export Services such as handling of inward remittances received as advance against export, handling of export document, Pre shipment and Post shipment Export Credit facility in INR / Foreign Currency.
  6. The Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank offers USD denominated Cheque / demand drafts collection service for their customers.
    1. Normal time for clearance of USD cheque is 15 working days.

    For more information please contact our forex department, on mail id-




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