Education Loan

Higher education is becoming costlier day by day. The middle class families are the worst suffers. It is a social responsibility of every bank to extend finance for higher education on easy terms. Ours is the bank which extends education loan on lowest interest rate in India. Drop in at any of our branches to know more. Don’t let your wards suffer for want of funds.

Purpose Higher Education course approved by AICTE,and Govt.,approved university/college
EligibleCourse For Approved Graduation, Post graduation,P.hd. ,Research courses in Engineering ,Pharmacy,Medical ,Management ,Computer
Loan Amount Domestic Education Loan: Maximum Rs. 10.00 Lacs.
Foreign Education Loan: Maximum Rs. 30.00 Lacs.

(In genuine cases, Bank may consider Education loan upto Rs. 50.00 Lacs also on case to case basis based on merits of the case.)
Margin (i) For India -10% of fee, living exp., other eligible exp.or 60% of valuation of mortgaged property whichever lower
(ii) For Foreign –20% of fee, living exp., other eligible exp.or 60% of valuation of mortgaged property whichever lower
Repayment Period Maximum 10 years (Including moratorium period by equated monthly instalment after completion of moratorium period as mentioned above)
Rate of interest

9.10% for Female Student / Meritorious student securing admission in world TOP 50 Universities.
(refer to know list of world top 50 universities)

9.25%  - Others

In case of Foreign Education loan, where collateral security coverage is 125%, Margin on Education fees will be reduced from 20% to 10%.

Share linking 1.00% of the loan amount sanctioned (Maximum 25000/-)
Guarantee Two guarantor possessing property and also Income tax-payer
Security (i) Up to Rs.50000/- Nil
(ii)Above Rs.50000/- Mortgage of Immovable property or lien/assignment of Govt. securities
Processing Fees


Conditions to avail
(i) Only for Minority Cast.
(ii) Income eligibility up to Rs. 6.00 lacks.
(iii) Interest benefits up to 2 years.


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