For Textile Industry

Applicability Units engaged in Manufacturing of Cloth / Yarn, Dyeing and printing on grey cloth, Embroidery Manufacturing/Job-work, Processing of fabrics/ yarn. (Units engaged in trading of cloth/ yarn to be excluded from this scheme who will continue to be governed by existing Hypo stocks & Book Debts CC / Secured loan rates).
Type of Facility Cash Credit (Stock/Book Debts), Machinery Loan, Secured Loan for SSI
Margin Secured Loan ( For construction purpose) : 35%
Cash Credit : 25% on stock and 40% on book debts (upto 90 days)
Machinery Loan :
20% - When borrower is eligible for both interest as well as capital subsidy and there is 100% or more Collateral Security coverage
25% - Others
Interest Rate

100% or more Collateral Security coverage

Less than 100% Collateral Security coverage

AAA rated customer



AA rated customer



A rated customer



B rated customer



Unrated customer



All units (having credit exposure of ` 100.00 Lacs & below and above ` 100.00 Lacs) will be eligible for above mentioned interest rates based on Internal Credit Rating Scheme of the bank.

Borrowers having only Machinery / Secured Loan facility will also be eligible for credit rating scheme and interest rates as mentioned above will be applicable. Such borrowers have to maintain current account with us and must route at least 80% sales through the same with undertaking not to open current account with other bank without bank’s prior written consent.

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