Car Loan

Gujarat has become automobile hub of India. Car manufacturing units are Coming to Gujarat one by one. Car Finance has become a lucrative business of banks. We are not lagging behind. Drop in at of our branches and avail car loan on easy terms. Wish you happy riding.

Purpose   For Purchase of new car  
Eligibility (i) Car loan for Salaried Employees, Businessmen,Professional self employed
Loan Amount  80% of Quotation of vehicles (Basicprice + insurance + R.T.O. charges)
Margin  20% of quotation of vehicles
Repayment Period

 Max 72 months

Rate of interest  # For Loyalty Customers 08.50%
For others 08.75 %

# Loyalty customers –

Applicant has premium/ priviledge/ Kal advantage savings/ current account with our bank and applicant maintains the same account till repayment of currency.


All existing borrowers who have availed credit facilities ( Retail/ business loan) of Rs 10.00 lacs or more for minimum one year, respective accounts are conducted satisfactorily and maintain operative CASA accounts with our bank

Processing fee

 Upto Rs. 10 lacs : Rs. 3000 + GST
 Above Rs. 10 lacs : 0.30% of the sanctioned amount + GST
 (Subject to maximum of Rs. 7500 + GST)

Share linking  1% of the loan amount sanctioned ( Max. 25000/- )
Guarantee  Two guarantor Possessing property and also Income tax-payer
Security  Hypothecation of Vehicles


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