Available Sources

 Available sources for remitting funds to India

  • Foreign Currency Cash / Travellers Cheques : You can encash foreign currency cash travellers cheques through us ( as per extant RBI guidelines ) during your visit to India . The encashed amount can be deposited in NRI accounts with us.
  • Foreign Currency Cheque / Draft : Funds can be remitted by using foreign currency cheques / drafts.
  • SWIFT Remittance : You can use this modern way of remitting money electronically & instantly.
  • Details required for remitting money to India from any country / any bank through SWIFT
    SWIFT code of our Bank : KALUINAAXXX

Account with Institution : Please give full details of the Bank & Branch where the beneficiary maintains the account. 
Beneficiary Customer : Please give name, address, account number of the beneficiary.

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